Orlando Attic Animal Trapping

First thing I’d look for up in the attic are droppings (I’ve just gone through this experience myself whilst redoing the attic over my TV room). If you’ve been hearing noises for a while I bet you’ll find plenty of poop.Bring a flashlight, gloves and a dust mask. Wear crappy clothes and wash them afterwards, lord knows what you’ll be stepping in. Or you can get Orlando attic animal trapping to check your place, exterior and maybe interior and will do attic cleanup and decontamination for you. They’ll be able to point out the possible entryways for critters and they’ll have recommendations for getting rid of the problem (around here it’s things like trim back vegetation at least 4 feet from the roof, check that all vent openings are completely sealed with hardware cloth, etc).

Anyhow look for feces – I had roof rats (common in my area), they left plenty of evidence all over the place. Also look for any openings into the attic – rodents can get in through amazingly small holes, you may have the animal trapper block them up securely. Rats leave a greasy “skid mark” along their walkways – it looks like someone has rubbed scunge in a line, along the wall/pipe/wire/whatever they are running across. Disturbed insulation can be another indicator, rats and squirrels may nest in the stuff, look for signs that something has been tunneling.

I’m not a pest control expert but I think that the first step should always be to keep them out – block off the entryways, as I mentioned. Make sure that there isn’t any food or water that they are getting into inside the house.

If that doesn’t work then maybe it’s time to call an exterminator – mice are one thing but rats, squirrels, raccoons or other Big Things are another matter. I’m glad I didn’t have to resort to this, I was worried about having dead rats decomposing in my attic.




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