Near Field Communication (NFC) pros and cons

Near Field Communication (NFC) pros and cons.

3 key differences between NFC and IrDA (Infrared Data Association or infrared wireless communication).

Speed: IrDA-Giga-IR tops out at 1,024 Mbit/s, though the more common IrDA-VFIR which runs at 16 Mbit/s is more likely to be used.(3) Compared to NFC which has a top transfer rate of 424 kbit/s, it blows it out of the water.(2)

Security: IrDA does not have security built in, and does not support encryption technologies such as SSL to cover that, where NFC at least supports SSL.(2)(3)

Range: IrDA has a max range of 1-2 meters, while NFC is measured in centimeters.(3) IrDA is a line of sight technology. If you do not have line of time, you cannot connect.(1)


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