I have several of these and use them for converting line levels and for unbalanced to balanced & vice versa. mx882 perform extremely well and they will do 6 separate channels in a single rack unit. I also use them as distribution amps.

I’ve never had a problem with hum (ground loops) using them (but that’s not to say I never will either I guess). The rack ears can also be removed. Just a couple of screws on each side.

Apart from the main purpose I use them for, being balanced line distribution amps, I sometimes use them to interface consumer gear with pro gear, even as a DI box for guitar.

I was skeptical at first about the price and their capability, but if there’s one piece of audio gear I have that’s the most versatile and value, these are it.beringher-ultralink-pro-mx882beringher-ultralink-pro-mx882

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