Guitar Center Guitar

On a whim a friend decided to buy a guitar, to replace the one someone abandoned with him. At first blush he was a little intimidated by the high end selection, a $12,000 vintage Martin. He wanted a guitar center guitar in the $300 range. He wanted a used guitar that comes from good stock, and he wanted a deal. He said his wife has trained him well!

He said that a sales person welcomed him in and asked if he wanted to park his bike inside. That always makes him feel good. He immediately saw a few guitars that fit his range. He said that they were all beautiful.

The sales guy helped him with each one, tuning each one personally. He let my friend play them and told him about the special qualities of each, a few nuggets of wisdom my friend didn’t know. He tried his best to fit my friend’s price range, and when my friend wasn’t satisfied he reached for something slightly better.

My friend liked it. He said it was just right. Then the sales guy volunteered a nice “little” discount, so my friend could stay within reason of his price range. It was enough of a discount and gesture to make it a good deal: one my friend can tell fables of… to his wife. With my friend’s fable and an alibi in hand, he bought the guitar. The sales guy even offered to hold the guitar for my friend until he can sneak it past his wife.

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