Gibson Byrdland

I purchased a 2002 byrdland , gorgeous white blonde, rounded cutaway horn, about two years ago-drop dead mint-wood to rival a CItation’s, wonderful fit and finish. And I purchased by negotiating hard – $4k out the door – and truly indistinguishable from new.
Gibson Byrdland Florentine Bourbonburst
I had wanted a gibson byrdland for thirty years. I love the shape and fingerboard detail and headstock-
to me it was like a thin L5 in overall appearance, but wider-sort of a ‘sports car’ archtop if you will..not unlike a Jag. I am able to adjust and generally enjoy almost any neck and fingerboard – not all, but the vast majority. And, as my first guitar I had a 64 Jag – another short scale (which i never knew I didn’t like until I played a Strat and and a Les Paul)

Gibson Byrdland Original

I have a friend who’ve only played two Byrdlands in his time. I expected the short scale to have a marked effect on their tone. I was very pleasantly surprised. Both instruments sounded tip top. Each sounded very much like an L5, actually. (Talking about the neck pickup, here.)

Gibson Custom Crimson Shop Byrdland Florentine Electric Guitar Ebony

I am really happy with my Gibson Byrdland. The pickups are made with slightly narrower string spacing because the guitar is just a little bit smaller. Everything is proportional. I found the guitar(s) to be insanely comfortable to play.

I think they are a blast to play.

Byrdland Florentine

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