Gator GW-SG Guitar Case

I have looked into the cases suggested. However, I cannot find a store that carries them. They are either “permanently out of stock”, or not carried. I was looking for a gator gw-sg-brown electric guitar case for my Gibson ES-175. I already have a Gator `Extreme fit` hard case for my Mockingbird, and the case is desigined to fit any or most `pointy` guitar shapes. Far better than the average gig bag but not as heavy and high strength as other hard shells. It serves my purpose for light transport and by hand.

I found online a gator gw-sg-brown electric guitar case at guitar center, and I love it. They are selling these cases for an affordable price. Well made for any guitar of worth. Certain that the case is good enough to withstand the usual bumps and hits it would take as expected during any road trip.

Gator GW-SG Guitar Case 5.0.2

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