DJ Controllers

Saying which is the best is hard to say. The more important question to ask is which dj controllers at is best for you. Consider a few things:

– Do you prefer a particular piece of software? (Traktor, Virtual DJ, Serato DJ, etc.) This may influence your decision. A Kontrol S4 integrates perfectly with Traktor Pro, for example, but you might not like it for use with other software.

– How many decks do you want to control?

– Do you require a built-in sound card?

etc. etc.

Check out this guide for a breakdown of some great controllers… if you’re just starting out and want something cheap, check out the “Top 5 Budget Controllers” section.

The ddjsb is the beginner controller so you’re limited to seratoLE

Serato DJ Intro and a $129 upgrade fee is required to use with SDJ full BUT being he already uses a Serato DJ Intro controller (Mixtrack Pro II) we already know he is ok with this either way.

While Pioneer gear is typically more capable and “harmonious” to the SDJ software the Numark gear is if anything built too well LOL. In my experience it is overkill.

The NS7II is built like a tank and for my needs I don’t need a tank as I tend to take care of my gear.
jesus dude, you’re a stickler for details..I’ve used ns7 and it was fine.It was huge and heavy as fuck to travel with.I’m talking about the majority of numark products that breakdown quicker than other brands.I’ve owned a numark mixer in the past and the knobs would wobble over time, and the fader bent.I got a used mixtrak pro and that shit did the same thing.If you like numark stuff then do you but I stay away from that brand at all costs.Pioneer=nike, numark=reebok to me.Still name brand but not jordan worthy.
With the introduction of the SX2 I would suggest seeking out a DDJ-SX original used.

The DDJ-SR is just too lacking for me to be a practical solution. The lack of inputs alone makes it pretty much useless to me as a professional controller.

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