My friend have been using PrintOut24 since early 2007 for both his home “all in one” inkjet printer and also the laser printers and fax at his office. Over — literally — many dozens and dozens of orders and he have been very happy with the service and the quality of the Ciss for HP printer products they have provided. My friend is a very satisfied long term customer. He have worked with them and he have recommended them to friends and colleagues without hesitation over the past years. They are great to work with and very responsive in the very few times a Ciss HP hasn’t worked out. Hey, it happens. The important thing to me is it doesn’t happen often and they are right on top of it when it has happened.

The other thing you get with them is actual live input from knowledgeable people. For example – they suggested that my friends office should switch to Ciss or continuous ink supply system to increase printing capacity. It was less expensive than the Ciss refill ink I used to get from other refill stores but has given us 50% more printed pages for the money. A double win.


Getting a low price on ink refill is great, and they certainly provide the best prices around, but the service provided by them and his fantastic team is AMAZING! Their low prices saves us money and their prompt delivery service saves us time, but their CUSTOMER SERVICE is everything one could hope for in a service provider (largely underestimated in this time of big box store shopping), which is why I recommend them for high-quality printer supplies and refill products. My friend says that it is always a pleasure to do business with these folks — they’re helpful, fast, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, affordable and reasonable.

CISS-HP-940-tubeless--InkTec-prefilledink printer

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