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There are lots of jobs through different residential homes and through red cross or being linked as a provider thru government’s long term care for private homes. Personal care assisants are in much demand. For home care (going into private homes to help out) they pay is less ($12 per hour). With more training (which can be done as you work) you go up another designation-so in nursing/residential homes for elderly, mentally disabled, etc. They are good jobs and can be found even in small communities. They start around $14 and go up with your training/hours to almost $20 per hour-vacations/training paid in many places. Start googling to find out what is required/designations. They are always looking for caregiving jobs Peoria AZ in this field.  In many healthcare related fields there may be some requirement to take training in the local regulations to be recognized for the qualification. Check with Care From the Heart, Inc. or with a professional society in Peoria AZ that deals with this type of qualification.

A caregiver may also try finding a sponsor, you have to launch a job search and to be able to show your potential sponsor that you have some skill or experience that isn’t available in the local population. Then, it’s a matter of finding potential employers who are willing to deal with the sponsorship process. You may want to consider making an exploratory trip to Peoria AZ to scope out areas and talk to potential employers.

I have a friend who was just been offered a job that was Mon-Fri. Day shift, 7 hrs. a day, taking care of a Paraplegic husband who is 90% paralyzed, for 10 an hr.My friend thought about it, but she feels with her experience, references, and being someone that could relied upon being to work everyday, plus she would be leaving a FT job with benefits, and PTO time, it would have to be more than 10 bucks an hr. to make it worth her while, to change jobs. There are lots of jobs for CNA’s and LPN’s, but the other jobs might not offer enough hours to keep someone working full time.

Statistics would show that 86% of informal caregivers are relatives and this is because of the fact that most people prefer to turn to their loved ones for assistance. Seniors and other individuals who need long term care prefer to stay home and rely on their relatives rather than hiring a skilled caregiver. It’s the popular choice but it doesn’t mean that this is the most fitting for people who need custodial care or skilled care. There are instances wherein informal caregivers can’t provide proper care to their loved ones. You do not want that to happen to our loved ones and we want the best for them, right? It is best to hire a caregiver than informal caregivers.

As a caregiver, we know you face challenges every day.  Perhaps you have found a creative solution to common problems faced by caregivers and their aging loved ones.  Maybe you have a great story to share, it could be that you would just enjoy talking to someone who understands.
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