Best Selection of Mother’s Ring

A friend of mine is going to have her third baby. So she would like to get a Mother’s ring. The website we found to buy a Mother’s ring on says she can choose the stones, metal and the ring can have 3 to 5 stones to create a personalized item. The store we found it at locally said it could only have 3 I think.  The website has the best selection of mothers ring. Anyways, my friend is trying to figure a few things out.  The first one is whether she should tell dear husband to get it for her this year for Mother’s Day and then have to add more stones on it if they have more kids.  Or if she should just wait until they are done having kids to get it.  Obviously she really want it now.  But it will cost more to add stones on later.

The other problem is one that she is having with all of her rings, is with her weight going up and down so much she’s not sure what size she would get or what finger to wear it on.  Out of all the rings she have she can only wear her wedding rings because she had them resized after having DD1. Now she is worried about finally losing all the weight and having to have them resized again and then gaining weight back.  She also have a diamond band my DD1 won for her in a coloring contest but it’s too small now but she originally got it to go on my ring finger. She also have a few other rings that if she lost some weight she would wear on her ring finger as well.  So she is wondering if I shouldn’t get her Mother’s ring to wear on her middle finger, or if that would be weird?  She don’t normally wear a lot of jewelry at once, usually just her wedding rings and maybe a pair of earrings, another ring, and a necklace for special occasions.

Her last problem is figuring what order to put the stones in on the ring. This is the picture of the ring that she wants. GLIMMER ringGLIMMER ring

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