Apricot Kernels and Seeds

apricot seedsApricot kernels are among a number of supposed miracle foods. I have found the book the cancer directory by Dr. Rosy Daniel, useful as she lays out all the potential options and the resources that there are available and the benefits and limitations of going down an alternative path. OK, I have a friend who was given 3 months to live from a brain tumor. She took 50 seeds a day for 2 months and the tumor shrank down from 6cm to 1 1/2cm. She continued on at 40 seeds a day and gradually tapered down over the next few months as the tumor shrank away to nothing! She takes 6-7 seeds a day as a preventive now. There are hundreds of people that have been documented as taking high dose apricot kernels and seeds here with NO toxicity. Keep seeking the truth 🙂

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