Acoustic Guitar Strings

I always buy medium gauge strings for my Martin D-18 and expected the mediums to sound louder and clearer than the lighter gauges. But I really liked the brightness and sustain of the lighter gauges and there did not seem to be much of a sacrifice in volume or clarity. I’m not sure I’d go the whole way and buy extra light next time but I may try a light gauge and see how they sound.

Eric Clapton Martin Guitar

This all boils down to sound and, forgive me for my criticism, but it’s not possible to expect listeners to hear the difference between guitar string gauge over computer speakers. The guitar’s sound has already been compressed through your use of mics and the recording process; and further compressed when sent by internet. Let me also add that most computer speakers are very poor quality.


Personally, I’ve been playing musicians friend acoustic guitars for a long while and have experimented with different string gauge. To me, the gauge of the guitar string has more to do with feel than with sound. At the moment I have my Martin D 35 strung with 13 gauge and my HD28V with 12 gauge. I like to put light gauge on a guitar that I use a lot for finger picking and heavier gauge for when I choose to strum a lot.


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