4 Piece Drum Set

I always play a 4 piece these days and just vary the amount of cymbals. I think it depends on the kind of playing you do, for me I am not really “tom heavy” in my vocabulary. I try to make two toms work by using a lot of dynamics and unisons + bass drum with toms can sound “tommy” or at least keep the same bottom end flavor to make up for less actual drums.

I like the comfortable ride placement too with a 4 piece drum set. Also I think if you add as much dynamics as you can to your playing the amount of sound sources matters less. The gap left between toms is overcome just by practice, getting used to where your drums are, applies to whatever set up you choose to use. You can definitely play what you want on a 4 piece drum set.



I know a guy playing black and death metal, who every time he performs with a 4 pc, he blows away all other metal drummers with their huge sets.


The biggest difference between 5 & 4 pc is the placement of the ride. That extra tom can’t cope with the advantage of proper ride placement (above the kick), no matter what music you play.


The gap between the toms developed my foot work and taught me creative fills. In that sense, the gap is no issue at all.




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