1 Channel Mic Preamp

The preamp is the backbone of the tone. A good preamp will give you a nice strong, meaty and transparent tone, where a bad preamp will yield a weak, anemic and muddy tone. It’s different than just EQing also. It can give you real nice smooth vocal sound. Some disagree using a 1chanel equipment of vocals is just a way of covering up bad singing. Thats their opinion. Everyone I know that sings professionally uses something to enhance their vocals.

I would start with Warm Audio WA12 Microphone Preamp. It would work just fine. Then if money permits look into getting a compressor, maybe an exciter or enhancer, an EQ, and some kind of FX. All this can be picked up rather inexpensively on Guitar Center and on E-bay.


A friend had experimented with both my guitar and vocals searching for a sound.

Well here’s what he’s been using and doing.
He split the incoming Mic signal so one side goes directly in to 1 channel, the other one goes into a tube Mic preamp then out stereo into channels 2 an 3. On the channels direct out he has a compressor, exciter, FX unit, EQ, which run back into the direct returns. Plus on channel ones direct outs he is using  ART MP1 guitar tube preamp, an Aphex exciter, FX unit.  The ART MP1 has a great stereo chorus. This comes back into four more channels on the board. Yes his setup uses that many channels. A little bit of this and a little bit of that makes the world go round.



I’m in no way shape or form recommending that you go out and spend an arm and a leg buying equipment. I’m only explaining what what my use and how. And yes most of it he use is high end equipment.  I am only trying to help by giving you ideas on ways to be creative on a vocal setup.

Just my thoughts.

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